Bytown Fire Brigade - E1 700 Series

Kahnawake - E2 1993 Century 2000

Kahnawake - E4 Eagle Series

Longueil- L314 2005 Metropolitan Series/LTI 1500/500/75' Quint


Region Mont Joli - A4 1960 Pierre Thibault Ltd

Although not a LaFrance, I want to include this picture as a reminder to everybody to be careful when working on ANY apparatus. While on the way home from the SPAAMFAA Convention in Liverpool, NY in 2008, the owner of this truck (a retired fire chief) and a New York State Trooper were electracuted and killed while changing a flat tire at the US/Canadian boder. The owner was using the ladder to tilt the truck to get the tire off and the ladder came in contact with an overhead electrical wire.

Rougemont - E206 2005 Freightliner M2 1250/800

St-Amable - E260 Freightliner FL80 1050/1000

Saint-Boniface - E214 2005 Freightliner FL70 1050/800

St-Clet - E219 Freightliner FL80 1050/1000


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